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How do I create a second webshop on the MyOnlineStore platform?

Available up to MyOnlineStore GO Do you already have a webshop on the MyOnlineStore platform and you want to create another webshop? How nice! We are happy to explain how you can do this.

A second (or third, fourth ...) webshop.

Business is going well and you would like another webshop on the Mijnwebwinkel platform. For example, you might want to have a B2B store next to your B2C store or sell a completely different type of products. A second store is a good idea so that you can separate things properly.

By setting up a second store on the platform, you can keep separate stocks. The stock is not linked in the stores. You can also use another Chamber of Commerce registration or something similar. Just what suits your business. In addition, there are also many online retailers who want to sell to B2C (business to consumer) and B2B (business to business). For example, you can use wholesale prices and you can exclude consumers from your B2B store. The advantage of this is that your customers never see the different prices and that you can define the price display per store (excl. Or incl. VAT) or indicate that your business customers must log in to be able to view the prices.

Which subscription do I need?

Do you want to sell another product group, but is it not necessary to distinguish between private or business sales? Then you can already handle this with a GROW subscription.

However, do you want to make a distinction between B2C and B2B? Then you can keep the following in mind:
With a PREMIUM subscription, you can exclude customers from your store. You do this by indicating to whom you are selling to modules in the back office: Consumers, Consumers and businesses, businesses. With the PREMIUM subscription you can choose to sell exclusively to companies. If you choose this, your customer must enter the company name in a mandatory field in the checkout (the last step in the ordering process). In addition, there is a VAT field in which your customer can enter the VAT number.

How can I open a second store?

Now that you know which plan is right for your next store, go to the pricing page. Here you choose the subscription and click on the button 'create my store' under this subscription.

Then choose the store name. (This can still be changed and you can choose a domain name at a later time). You should have already entered your email address that you use to log in to the store you already have. By using the same email address, you can easily switch from 1 management environment between the stores you have on the platform. If you do not want this (for example because you want to share the login details with someone) you can also choose a different username. To do this, click on the following link: In this way you log out completely and you can choose a different username.

Are you still using the same username? Then you can switch between the stores in the management environment. To do this, click at the top right on the image containing a letter (the avatar). Then a menu will appear. If you scroll down in this menu, you will see all the stores that you have created on the platform.

Can I copy the store I already own to my new store?

This is not possible. If you want the same settings for the second store, you can do the following, for example:

1. Open the Back office in a browser, for example Chrome.
2. Open the Back office again in a different browser, for example Firefox.
3. If you have 2 screens next to each other, you can easily copy all settings from Design from one store to another.

In this way you can also copy page content. You will have to add articles manually as you are used to.

Why different browsers?

If you open the Back office several times in the same browser, changes that are for store A may be implemented in store B. This is because you cannot be logged in simultaneously in 1 browser in multiple stores.

Are there costs involved?

 Yes. With every subscription you take out, the subscription costs will be charged that match the subscription you have chosen. The subscription fee will be charged from the date your respective new store starts.