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How do I use widgets in my dashboard?

The dashboard of your webshop gives you insight into a number of important things in and around your webshop. For example, statistics, notifications and tips are shown in these widgets. But what can you do with these widgets?


The blocks at the top give you a general impression how your webshop is doing. The number of visitors, your turnover, the number of orders placed and the average session duration are shown here. You can read more information over here. For the majority of the statistics, your webshop must be connected to Google Analytics. This free Google service provides you the most comprehensive and up-to-date statistics.

In the block TIPS we will inform you about all kinds of useful facts. You decide when you read these by clicking the arrows to the next or previous tip. We also use the block ANNOUNCEMENTS containing information about maintenance and notices. Both widgets have this permanent place on your dashboard. This way you are always aware of the developments in your webshop!

Add Widgets

We have also some optional widgets available. You can add this yourself when you use the Add Widget button. Repeat this action if you want them all.

Click add widget and select

You can change the order yourself. Click on the arrow icon at the top right (and hold). Now drag the widget to the desired location. The widgets you have added yourself can also be removed via the cross.