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How do I link the POS App to my webshop?

Available in Myonlinestore PRO and PREMIUM Once you are in the PRO or PREMIUM backoffice, you may want to start using the POS App as soon as possible. You can easily link this to your shop. Visually set? Then grab the video. There we will show you what the different steps look like on iPhone and iPad.

Don't feel like reading? check the video!

Download it first

The POS App is available for iPhone and iPad and can therefore be downloaded from the App Store.

Use the search term Myonlinestore POS or click directly via this link. The installation should certainly succeed from here! Hint: use the 'Download' button.

Open the POS App with the push of a button from the App Store, or search it on your iPad or iPhone. The text 'Start' on the big green button may already give it away: this is where you need to be!

And then simply connect

Just a few more steps to go before you are linked and can start processing sales immediately!

  • Log in to your backoffice¬†with another device (for example your laptop);
  • Go to Settings / Add-ons &Modules /POS App. In your POS App you now click on 'Next';
  • Click on 'Scan my QR code' in the POS App and the camera of your device will become active (with your permission, of course);
  • Now scan the QR code you see in the backoffice with your device;
  • As soon as you see the 'successful' confirmation, your shop is linked to the POS App.

You set your own pin code to protect customer data and of course your financial data. In the screen that follows, you choose the location where your mobile cash register is currently being used. In your management environment, you can add multiple locations under Settings /Add-ons &Modules/ POS App / Locations tab. Handy when you go to a market or fair, for example. Or if you have multiple branches.

Last but not least: the POS App now retrieves the products that are in your backoffice so that they are also available in your POS system. A little patience .... And a little longer if you have a lot of products;-)

Then your POS is now ready to use!


Are you going for a complete cash register setup? Then you will find the hardware options here. Of course, we will also be happy to explain how to connect the card reader (Zettle), hand scanner, receipt printer and cash drawer!