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How do I make the shipping table suitable for my logistics partner?

When you use the services of a logistics or fulfillment partner, it is important that they know exactly how the order should be processed based on your order information.

Know which data must be provided to process the orders fully automatically. Depending on the method of your logistics partner, you may have to set up the country overview in a slightly different way than before.

Especially if you enter shipping costs for different countries, or you have created a number of countries with a different display name for different shipping methods within one country it's important to organize the country overview in a logical way.

Make sure you select the correct country. For example, you may use country Afghanistan and change the display name to the Netherlands.

Country overview with display name and country

Have you created a country with the display name 'insured shipping' or 'same day delivery'? Always select the country to which this shipping method applies!

Do you adjust your country overview? Always check whether your partner can handle the country and display name you entered.