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How do I place a test order?

Your products are ready to be sold, shipping costs have been set and you have also ensured that customers can pay properly. Now it's time to see with your own eyes how it all works and which route your customers have to take. You can find out by placing a test order. 

Smart move

This way you can find out what is being sent to your customers, such as confirmation mails and invoices. Once you have gone through all the steps correctly, you will see your order in the management environment. 

Pay attention to these points with your test order, for example: 
- Do the different payment options work?
- Have you set the shipping costs correctly? 
- Will the invoice be sent along with the order? 
- And are the company details on it?
- Do you send the emails completely error-free? 
- Do you speak to your customer consistently or with you? 
- Do you receive a reply from your customer at your correct e-mail address?
- And not unimportantly, is the correct logo on the mails? 


Are you still adjusting your invoice or order confirmation? Then you can view the result by clicking on 'Invoice (PDF)' or 'Order confirmation' for an existing order. A new test order is therefore not necessary! 

Cancel or delete

Do you know enough? Then you can cancel the order, if necessary, so that the stock is updated and the accounts are in order again. You can also delete it, but only with your first test orders. Once you are up and running, be careful when deleting an order. It will create a hole in your bookkeeping.

Spread the word

Some things will make a lot of sense to you, but try to put yourself in the shoes of your visitors. Maybe you are missing something. Be sure to invite your family, friends or neighbours to place a test order with you. Who knows, you may have made a typo somewhere that someone else will pick up ;-)