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How to enable Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking

Google Analytics not only keeps track of the number of visitors to your store, it can also calculate its conversion rate. Sounds interesting, right? And it’s easy too! All you need to do is enable the Google Analytics Ecommerce module.

If you’ve linked Google Analytics to your online store, it’s very easy to keep track of your orders through the Google Analytics Ecommerce module. You simply need to enable this module.

  1. Log in to Google Analytics with your Google account.
  2. Click on ‘Admin’.
  3. Under ‘View’ click on ‘Ecommerce settings’.
  4. Then enable ‘Ecommerce’.

In the ‘Reporting’ section you can now view your statistics under ‘Ecommerce Conversion Rate’. You'll see the data from orders that were finished successfully (meaning: the customer has reached step 4, the confirmation). Historic data cannot be retrieved, so you'll see the data from the moment you've turned on E-commerce. Some data from Google Analytics E-commerce are displayed on your MyOnlineStore dashboard.