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How to use discount codes

You can create discount codes to provide to (potential) customers. When placing an order, all they need to do is enter the code they’ve received to benefit from the discount.

Types of discounts

You can choose between a fixed discount, a percentage or a discount on shipping costs. You can also determine from which amount upwards the code can be used and for which products, and in which timeframe it is valid.

A combination of discounts, products or product pages within a specific timeframe is also an option.

Create discount code

To create a discount code, go to 'Content/Discount codes' in your back office and click 'Add new discount code.'

Give the discount code a name (for your own administration) and type the actual code (without spaces!) your customers have to type in. Then set how much discount (in euros or percentages) you give, and in which period the code is valid. In this screen you can also choose to exclude certain articles or pages from your discount promotion. Everything to your liking? Then click on save and the discount code is good to go!

Tips for effective discount promotions:

  • In default texts, you can choose not to use the word ‘discount code’, but rather ‘dealer code’, ‘promotional code’ or ‘voucher’. Simply opt for the one which best suits your store and your customers.
  • Make a clear announcement and draw up a custom message
  • Customize your message and decide who to give your discount to. You can come up with specific discounts for each target group.
  • Don’t be too generous with discounts. After all, you want your customers to continue placing orders even without discount codes.
  • Use the discounts to build on a long-term relationship with your customers and encourage them to come back to your store.