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What are the various order statuses?

Orders can be given different statuses in the admin panel. When a new order is placed, it is immediately labeled as ‘Incomplete’ in the system, or as ‘Order in progress’. In your admin panel you can check and further process all your orders.

Not completed

Orders may be labelled as ‘Not Completed’ in the order overview when the system does not know whether or not they have been completed. Such orders should be checked manually. Concretely, you should check whether they are correct and whether they have been paid for. This status can be caused by customers simply aborting the transaction, incorrectly completing the transaction following payment or due to technical issues related to the payment method. Always check the status of these orders with your payment gateway.

Customers have not received an email acknowledgement for these orders. However, if the order turns out to have been placed correctly, you can still send a new order confirmation from the admin panel.

Order Pending

Here you can view the orders that have been completed. Where possible, the payment status is also displayed. If the payment status does not appear as ‘Successful’, you need to check it with the payment gateway used by your customer.

For the following order statuses, you can send an email to customers with a custom message.

Payment reminder

Here you can list the orders for which you would like to send a payment reminder. This order status is available for the following payment methods:

  • Pre-transfer
  • Invoice
  • One-off direct debit
  • Direct debit

Ready for collection

Here you can list the orders that are ready to be collected.


Here you can list the orders that have been paid for, e.g. by pre-transfer, one-off direct debit, direct debit or invoice.

Paid and collected

The last status for orders to be collected. Once collected, you can archive them.


The last status for orders that have been shipped. Once shipped, you can archive them, for example once the statutory return period has passed.


Here you can list the orders that no longer need to be processed, for example because the customer has cancelled the order or because no payment has been made. Every now and again you can take some time to archive these orders.