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What hardware does the POS App support?

Available in Myonlinestore PRO and PREMIUM The POS App can be linked with various peripherals to make it all even easier. But, what hardware does the POS App actually support?

iPad and iPhone

The POS App is designed for iPad but can also be installed on iPhone. Depending on the chosen iOS device, the speed may vary. Logically, the older the device, the slower the Kassa App can be.

The POS App on iPad and iPhone

The iOS version we support is always the current version and one version back. With every new version of iOS, we also move a version. So make sure you have a device that supports this version.

iOS versions

Check this link for the current iOS version

Receipt printers

You can see Star Micronics receipt printers in many stores. This is because they are reliable and print super fast.

The POS App supports a number of Bluetooth receipt printers from Star Micronics. Examples of supported printers are:

MC-Print 2
MC-Print 3

Star Micronics TSP654IIBi

 Make sure you order the Bluetooth version and not the ethernet (wired) version (TSP654IIE). You cannot link this to the POS App.

Cash drawer

If you have connected a receipt printer, you can also connect a cash drawer. You can link various cash drawers to the receipt printer. We guarantee operation in any case with the APG Vasario. This cash drawer comes in different colors and sizes. If you choose a version where the article number / sku starts with VB320, you're always in the right place!

Barcode scanners

Socket Mobile is the company that makes hand scanners, among other things. These scanners are also connected to your iOS device via Bluetooth.

The POS App supports these types:

  • Socket Mobile (CHS) 7Ci
  • Socket Mobile (CHS) 7Mi
  • Socket Mobile (SocketScan) S700
  • Socket Mobile (SocketScan) S730

These devices are available in different colors, but we like green the most of course ;)

Socket Mobile 7Ci (left), Socket Mobile 700series (right) - green


The Kassa App supports the card readers of Zettle and SumUp Air. 

These are international companies with which you can receive payments super easy and mega fast via the most used payment methods.