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Why are some emails marked as ‘Undelivered’?

When you send out newsletters from your admin panel, you might receive messages stating ‘Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender’ or ‘Delivery Status Notification (failed)’. You may also receive these notifications when sending order confirmations to customers. This happens when a customer has entered an incorrect email address during the order process. To rectify the situation, simply correct the email address and re-send the order confirmation.

Why does this happen?

We recommend you don’t immediately delete all ‘mail delivery’ messages, because they usually contain an error message which allows you to check exactly what went wrong. A few examples:

  • Exceeds quota: the recipient’s mailbox is (temporarily) full; try again later.
  • 552 message size exceeds maximum message size: your message is too big; check the size of the attachments and try to limit the message size to a maximum of 10 MB, which is generally speaking an acceptable message size.
  • User unknown in virtual alias table;
  • 550 User '' Unknown;
  • User unknown in local recipient table; These three error messages indicate that the mailbox does not exist. This could be due to a typo in the email address.

If you’re having trouble sorting it out don’t hesitate to contact our helpdesk. It might be useful to keep the email with the error message and forward it to our helpdesk team.