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Why is the VAT not reverse charged in my shop for a business order?

Available from the PRO package (Tax rules or EU) Now that you have started selling to businesses, some features which you may not have dealt with before are coming into play. Therefore this may raise some questions along the way.

If you sell to another company within the EU, the VAT will from now on be automatically reverse charged in the checkout, so that you do not charge the customer any VAT when paying for the order. Now it is possible that you have sold to the other business (within the EU), but the VAT has not been reverse charged, how is that possible?

1. You have not entered a VAT number and / or country you are based in within the company details

In order to be able to reverse charge VAT, a VAT number is required from both parties by the tax authorities. You as a retailer must enter your VAT number and country where you are based by going to the following page: Settings/Store details / Company details. Did you not enter this? Then the VAT will not be reverse charged.

2. The customer has not entered a VAT number when paying for the order

The same applies for this as with the previous point. The invoice must also contain the customer's VAT number in order to comply with the legal requirements for the VAT to be reverse charged. The customer must enter the VAT number in the checkout.

3. The customer has entered a VAT number from the country you are based in

The VAT is reverse charged if a VAT number is entered of a company with a European VAT number other than one from the country you are besed in. VAT cannot be reverse charged within the same country.

4. The customer is based outside the EU and has entered a VAT number outside the EU

If the customer places an order from outside the EU, 0% VAT is charged. This is similar to reverse charging VAT, but it is not the same. The reason for the VAT to be 0% is because the order is placed from and shipped to a customer outside of the EU.