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Can I manage my own domain name?

When using MyOnlineStore PRO you can opt to manage your own domain name. Most people who choose this option have more than one domain name and/or mailbox, or simply prefer to keep their domain under a different host. Bear in mind, though, that if you choose this option, we cannot offer you a mailbox.

Domain transfer

We suggest you opt for a direct domain connection. We will transfer your domain name and link it directly to your online store. The cost for this transfer is included in the MyOnlineStore PRO package price. If you choose this option, the registration date of your domain name will coincide with the start date of your contract, so no need to worry about this until your contract expires.

You will also be able to send and receive emails via our servers. When you create your online store, you can opt to transfer your existing domain name in the admin panel. If your online store is already enabled, but without a domain name, head to the admin panel to let us know which domain name you would like to transfer and link to your store.  

How to connect your store to your domain name remotely

Create your online store. The system will guide you through this process. When asked what the name of your domain will be, select the option to choose a domain name at a later stage. Then complete the process.

Once you’ve entered all your details, you will receive your contract that same day or the following day at the latest. We then ask you to email us at, mentioning the name of your online store and your domain name. 

IMPORTANT REMARK: Use the following subject line: ‘Remote domain connection’

You can connect your online store to your domain name using the settings below. Your current host can help you with this. Two A records need to be created for the domain, as well as a CNAME record.


Type: A-record

Type: A-record

Type: CNAME-record

You can add an SPF record to your online store to ensure emails are processed correctly:

Type: SPF-record
Waarde: v=spf1 -all

You are personally responsible for ensuring a correct connection between your domain and your online store. If we need to change our IP addresses you will need to change your domain settings yourself. Needless to say, should this happen, we will inform you well ahead of time.

Once the settings have been changed and all DNS servers have registered these adapted settings, the domain will display the following message: “This domain has been registered for one of our customers.” If you see this message when you visit the domain, please send us an email confirmation on,  including a scan of your duly signed contract. We can then finalize the connection between your online store and your existing domain.