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Can I manage my own domain name?

When using MyOnlineStore PRO you can opt to manage your own domain name. Most people who choose this option have more than one domain name and/or mailbox, or simply prefer to keep their domain with a different host. Bear in mind, though, that if you choose this option, we cannot offer you a mailbox.

Preferred method: Domain Transfer

We recommend opting for a direct domain connection. This is more convenient as everything is hosted by the same provider. We then transfer your domain name and link it directly to your webshop and provide an info@ mailbox to you. The costs for this are included in the price of your subscription. Moreover, the registration of your domain name including mailbox runs concurrently with your subscription period. Very convenient!

How to connect your store to your domain name remotely

If you choose to manage your own domain you are responsible for connecting your domain with your webshop. If we are forced to change our ip-addresses you will have to change the records of your domain yourself. Of course, we will inform you in time.

How to proceed? Request the necessary DNS records via Once you have made the required changes through your domain host, and if all DNS servers have propagated, your domain will appear on our page 'this domain is registered for one of our customers'. If this is the case, please send us a confirmation email at After this we can complete the connection between your webshop and your domain. 

Important! Your domain name should appear on this page with and without www.


We cannot rule out the possibility of downtime. That is, we cannot rule out that you may be temporarily disconnected due to the domain transfer. This is because several external parties play a role in the transfer process.