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How can I comply with the Geoblocking Regulation as an online store owner?

What is geoblocking?
The EU allows free traffic of both people and goods. This allows for easy offline shopping while visiting a city in another country. In the online world, geoblocking prevents consumers from freely ordering online from foreign online shops. For example, a Dutch online shopper is unable to order items from a French online store because he/she has no French invoicing address.

Please note that this situation will change as from 3 December 2018. The new European Geodiscrimination Regulation will set stricter requirements to the implementation of geoblocking. This effects more consumer freedom to order goods outside their own country.

What is required of you as the online store owner?
As a European online store owner, you are not permitted to refuse selling items to a foreign customer. You may determine your delivery area, however, which means you have no obligation to deliver outside your specified delivery area. It is important to specify your delivery area in your General Terms and Conditions. If your foreign customer wants to collect the order or have it delivered at an address within your delivery area, you must permit the customer to place the order.

You can update your General Terms and Conditions on Settings/Legal/Terms of Service.