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Why are there two versions of the ‘Terms and conditions’ in my online store?

Unlike your ‘regular ‘texts, you do not publish your terms and conditions on a normal page, but rather under ‘Settings/Legal/Legal documents’.

A .pdf file is then generated and your customers need to agree to the terms and conditions in this document in step 3 of the order process. In that same section of the admin panel you can also choose on which page of your online store they should be published. Once you’ve made your choice, they will be placed there immediately, so there’s no need to copy-paste the text again. 

If, by error, you did copy-paste the text on the page again, your terms and conditions will be displayed twice, underneath one another. In that case, check whether the latest version is displayed under ‘Legal documents’. If so, you can remove the terms and conditions you had erroneously pasted onto the page.