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How can I post a blog?

It’s not possible to implement a blog in your online store, but you could start a blog at any number of sites, such as Blogger, Tumblr or Wordpress, and link said blog to a subdomain.

We can create the subdomain for you if we are the ones hosting your domain. For subdomains, we put a word before the domain name. It might look something like The domain for this blog will resemble the one for your online store, but it will be separate from the actual store. We don’t charge you for creating a subdomain. However, some blogging platforms do charge for linking a (sub)domain.

For creating a subdomain we do not charge any costs. Within some blogging platforms, linking a (sub) domain does cost money. In order for us to link a subdomain to your blog, we require a number of DNS records. The blogging platform should provide them for you when you let them know you want to use a subdomain.