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How do I put the Facebook Pixel in my online store?

The Facebook Pixel is a code that keeps track of the pages visited by your customers. In addition to the information about your visitor count, you can also use Facebook Pixel for developing and optimizing your Facebook marketing campaigns.


The Facebook Pixel is a bit of code that needs to be placed in your online store. We made the process as easy as possible: you don’t have to insert any kind of complex coding into your store. All you need to do is enter your unique Facebook Pixel ID under Marketing/Advertising.

FB PIxel.png
Entering an ID in the admin panel


Your unique Facebook Pixel ID consists of a series of numbers. You will get it as soon as you create your Facebook Pixel.

Creating a Facebook Pixel

You can also find the ID within your Facebook advertisement panel: Facebook Pixel.

Finding your Facebook Pixel ID within the advertisement panel

Conversion tracking

In addition to tracking visitors, Facebook Pixel can also track a number of specific actions. Facebook Pixel will automatically track the following actions in your online store:

  • Page visits (ViewContent)
  • Adding an item to the shopping cart (AddToCart)
  • Step 1 of the shopping cart (InitiateCheckout)
  • Step 2 of the shopping cart - customer information (AddPaymentInfo)
  • Step 4 of the shopping cart - feedback of successful order with the total amount (Purchase)