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How to navigate your online store using shortcuts

Navigating through your admin panel and store in the blink of an eye? No problem, thanks to shortcuts!

Are you a Windows user? Then hold down the ALT key in combination with the keys below. If you’re a Mac user, hold down CTRL+ALT instead.

Admin panel

1 = Orders
2 = Messages
3 = Statistics
4 = Images
5 = Pages
6 = Products
7 = Manage stock
8 = Product options
9 = Discount codes

Important remark

This order might differ if you’re using special modules!

Product editor

The letters are underlined with a dotted line on the label: 

n = name
y = YouTube
u = product number
s = sticker text
p = price


p = previous product (product page)
n = next product (product page)
h = home (homepage)
c = proceed to checkout
s = search
a = maximum number of products on 1 page (overview)