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How do I link to the Kassa App?

Available in the MyOnlineStore POS App with PRO or PREMIUM. In all major retail stores, you probably pay via a Yomani pin terminal. You can also use the Yomani terminal in your shop by linking to the POS App. Ka-ching!

The Yomani ML pinterminal

Before you start connecting

Before you can link the pin terminal, you will need an active account with In addition, you must have the service "Pin payments" active on this account. Check the website of for more information.

Activate as a payment method

Have you received the terminal, connected it and are you ready to receive payments with Great, time to activate the payment method.

  • If you haven't done it already, you can install the POS App based on this article.
  • Open the POS App and go to Settings / Payment methods.
  • Activate here by tapping the slider.
  • Tap 'Scan!' and scan the indicated QR code from the management environment. Note: This must be the API token, not the Pin token. You can show the QR code by clicking on the icon.
  • Select the terminal you want to link to the POS App.
  • If you want to be sure the terminal is connected correctly, make a test payment (of € 0.01) to check if a payment can be made succesfully.
  • Ready!

The next time you arrive at the payment screen after creating an order, you have the option to complete the payment via the pin terminal.

Legal obligation ( in The Netherlands)

When the customer pays with a debit or credit card, it is mandatory as a retailer to be able to hand over an authorization code to your customer. This code can only be handed over via the POS App immediately after payment and not by printing a receipt. So make sure you have a receipt printer in your possession.